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I wasn't lucky to find out then what I found out now: that I only grew up one town away from John Henry. Him growing up in Peqannock, NJ and me in Wayne, NJ, at rival schools in the area. A stones throw away from one another. And with only one year difference in age, I am sure we would have hit it off back then, like we have done now.

I was lucky enough to meet and see a man/boy grow up before me eyes on and off the field, and haven't seen the likes of anyone since, and I don't think I ever will. I've spent most of my New York City time on a playing field; if it wasn't softball it was football, if it wasn't football it was track, and so on! There is no FAMILY oriented sports in NJ so I make my weekly trip across the river to get my sports oriented rocks off, and keep my youth alive. In this I never felt so alive in sports until I met the likes of JH. What you and I would call Pure energy, and, if I may, let me be your Information Society: he was and always will be 10 fold in what he meant to these eyes. I saw the competitive spirit grow year after year, with this last year his best-hitting home runs, turning double plays, you name it - he came through in the clutch in more ways than one. He was the Mavericks' BIG Pink Energizer Bunny, who got all our rallies started with just one cheer.

He has opened my eyes WIDE SHUT in the possibilities of a dream of this thing called life, and finally I see more now than ever, that in his absence how much I truly let my guard down to say I was in love with another man by the name of John Henry. My forever #17 and the best second baseman to play the game with me.

He was able to break through such a ruff droll exterior in myself with just a glimpse of his eye, he will be forever missed, but yet, as in my heart, he stays living forever though us all.

I Love You John Henry Now and Forever, and We Will Meet Again Real Soon. And I assure you I won't let time, this time, be lost.

          Your Friend,
          Joseph John Justin
          #42 Forever!

A quality man, John Henry. It never mattered if he was winning, losing, tired, hot or sweaty, he always took time to greet me with a "Hey Babe, how's it going?", a hug and a kiss - then a fling and an expression, reality - of where he was at. And the reason that we will remember him, is that he remains an example for us.

          Your Friend, even tho I didn't play ball or make opportunities to be close.....
          Tom Legbandt