Welcome to a world of Strangeplants, in many ways very different from the majority of those we commonly know. Refresh page or click on 'Home' to show a new random image. While here. I suggest you visit the Lithops Seedlings Photo Galleries of a wide list of species and cultivars. Then try out the very new Strangeplant Jigsaw Puzzles and Strangeplant Sliding Block Puzzles when you have time. Oh, the latest puzzle is a Sudoku version with hints and error checking. Come back to see rare succulent plants for sale that I have raised from seed and hybrids that I have made. You will find information on my greenhouse construction and growing conditions in northern New Jersey winters; gargoyles at CCNY; information about me, Tom Legbandt, plus the sports activities, acting resume and headshots of Joseph Justin, among other things.

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